Sustainable Landscape Goals

Sustainable Landscape Goals:

  • Reduce or eliminate inputs
  • Benefit wildlife and promote ecosystem services
  • Promote human benefits

Why is sustainability important?

  • Trend of public and profession
  • Climate Change

Ways to incorporate sustainable practices in to your landscape

  • Building healthy soil
  • Sustainable lawns
  • Water in your landscape
  • Sustainable plant practices

Healthy soil

  • Absorb rainfall
  • Remove pollutants
  • Store water for plants, wildlife
  • Provide habitat
  • Sustain Plants, food

Problem Soils:

  • Sandy Soil
  • Wet or poorly drained soils
  • Clay Soil

Protect and encourage healthy soil

  • Limit soil disturbance
  • Restore overly compacted soil
  • Regularly apply compost or organic mulch
  • Avoid pesticides that will harm
  • Plant diverse
  • Compost

Recommended practices for your lawn:

  • Select the right turf species for your lawn
  • Mow at height 3-3.5 inches
  • Never remove more than ⅓ per mow
  • Aerate
  • Fertilize
  • Over seed
  • Water deeply
  • Grass cycle

Lawns are important!

  • The most aesthetically pleasing ground cover you can have
  • Social activity

Techniques to manage your water!

  • Passive systems
  • Green roofs
  • Rain gardens
  • Permeable paving

Layer in the landscape

  • Ground layer
  • Shrub layer
  • Understory layer
  • Canopy layer