How To Install A Irrigation System

  • Use graph paper to draw the area, you want to identify the water source. When doing so you need to measure the flow rate
  • Another important factor is to identify if the area you are installing a irrigation system is sloping or is flat.
  • Mark you sprinkler locations and begin to dig the trenches for the pipe.
  • You will need to separate the sprinklers into zones.
  • Connect the mainline pipe to the water sore and connect the poly fitting to where the sprinkler is going to be!
  • Repeat until all the sprinklers are set up in the proper locations. Test your sprinklers before filling in the trenches!
  • Now you have your irrigation system all set up!

Installing a irrigation is a really import thing to do for the health of your lawn. Call us for any help or guidance you may need.

-John Del Sordi