Why Organic Landscape Maintenance?


It’s better for the environment

  • It is safer for you, your kids and your pets.
  • No toxic run off
  • Uses less water
  • Requires fewer products in the long run
  • It works, reduce disease and pest


Organic Basics

  • Use all natural materials for fertilizing, weed control, insect and disease management.
  • Focus on soil building with compost and minerals
  • Protect and promote beneficial soil life
  • Encourage a balance of beneficial insects, birds, etc


Benefits of compost

  • Make soil more water permeable
  • Improves drainage in clay soils
  • Improves soil texture
  • Acts as a slow release fertilizer


Weed Management

  • Build healthy soil
  • Build healthy lawn
  • Corn gluten as pre emergent
  • Vinegar spray
  • Use the weed popper
  • Never use weed and feed!

 – John Del Sordi

JD Organic Landscape




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